Pokémon Masters EX releases Lana & Araquanid plus three other Alolan sync pairs in Town Square Street Fair event

Pokémon Masters EX releases Lana &  Araquanid plus three other Alolan sync pairs in Town Square Street Fair event

Who’s ready for a lively street fair? In Pokémon Masters EX’s new event titled Town Square Street Fair, players can stroll through a Pasio street fair along with four new Alolan sync pairs: Lana & Araquanid, Kiawe & Marowak, Hala & Crabominable, and The Masked Royal & Incineroar. Of course, the street fair isn’t all fun and games, as players will also have to battle other Trainers like Korrina, Fantina, and Silver.

In partnership with The Pokémon Company, DeNA Co., Ltd. adds these new sync pairs to the story event and lets Trainers earn tons of cool in-game rewards, which includes up to eight 5?-Guaranteed Scout Tickets. From now until the 29th, players will also be able to score up to 1,000 Gems as a login bonus - this will only apply to players who have already completed the Main Story’s first chapter.

Lana & Araquanid is a Water-type sync pair with a powerful defensive skill called Wide Guard, while Kiawe & Marowak is a Fire-type sync pair equipped with Flame Charge and Dancing Fever to help you recover HP and boost your allies. Both sync pairs will be available to add to your team until June 30.

Meanwhile, Hala & Crabominable is an Ice-type sync pair that will be available from June 14 to June 30, while the Dark-type sync pair Masked Royal & Incineroar will be available from June 16 to June 30 as well. On top of all this, the Main Story now features Chapter 29 to continue the saga of the semifinals of the Pokémon Masters League (PML).

Pokémon Masters EX is available to download for both iOS and Android devices, and it’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. To know more about the game, you can visit the official website for all the latest news, or check out the official YouTube channel to catch clips on the newest updates.

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Catherine Dellosa
Catherine Dellosa
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