Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with over 100 Sync Pairs and up to 10,000 gems as free rewards

Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with over 100 Sync Pairs and up to 10,000 gems as free rewards

Little to do but lots to gain! Pokémon Masters EX has officially kicked off its second anniversary celebrations. This is your chance to get more than 100 sync pairs simply by logging into the game!

From now, until 29th September at 10:59 pm PST, log in to receive a 10-Pair Scout Ticket which can be cashed in for 10 Sync Pair summons. Log in for ten days during this period, and you’ll have ten of these 10-Pair Scout Tickets and hence, a total of 100 Sync Pairs! However, all tickets must be redeemed before October 6th.

Another massive login reward is a one-time gift of 3,000 Gems, which you can get up to 11 Sync Pairs with. Another 3,100 Gems can be earned until September 13th by simply logging in. Until September 11th Daily event battles will also offer a total of about 5,500 Gems. That’s almost 10,000 Gems by just logging in and doing daily event battles!

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Here’s a list of the three anniversary-themed Sync Pairs you can get to celebrate:

  • Lillie & Lunala - A Ghost-type strike Sync Pair with a master passive skill that maximizes Special Attack and critical-hit rate. Available between August 27th and September 29th.
  • N & Reshiram - A Fire-type tech Sync Pair with a master passive skill that lowers all opponent stats. Reshiram also deals damage to all opponents at once when combined with Blue Flare. Available between August 29th and September 29th.
  • Steven & Rayquaza - A Flying-type strike Sync Pair where each attack increases stats. Available between August 31st and September 29th.

There’s also a new Special Sync Pair event. Complete the first story level in it to earn the Sync Pair, Misty & Psyduck. This is a water-type Sync Pair that can be obtained until October 15th.

Twelve seasonal Sync Pairs are also returning with six coming between September 2nd and 9th and the other six between September 9th and 16th.

Visit Pokémon Masters EX’s official second anniversary website to get all the latest news and in-game bonuses. There are social media competitions and much more going on! You may even stand a chance to win an exclusive Pokémon TCG playmat!

Celebrate Pokémon Masters EX’s second anniversary by downloading it for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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