Pokemon Go's Safari Zone is taking place in Goyang, South Korea for the first time

Pokemon Go's Safari Zone is taking place in Goyang, South Korea for the first time

The Pokémon GO Fest will be concluding with a grand finale on August 27th, with a tonne of activities to participate in and rewards to win. All information can be found in this article. But, post that, trainers in South Korea will get to enjoy some more with their first ever Safari Zone event. Next month, between September 23rd and 25th, players will be able to enjoy Safari Zone: Goyang at the gorgeous Ilsan Lake Park.

The tickets for this event are already available on Niantic’s official website. General Admission tickets cost 16000 won and will give players access to all the gameplay at the park between 12:00 and 6:00 pm. A single ticket grants permission to play on only one of the given three days.

For the completionists out there, pay 24000 won and get access to the Early Access pass that lets the holder engage in all the activities three hours in advance, by 9:00 am. While trainers can just go to Ilsan Lake Park over the weekend, all the event-exclusive activities will be available for ticket holders only.

During the Safari Zone event, players will encounter a lot of Pokémon that are based on Goyang’s history which is full of flowers and romance. As a result, expect to find Pokémon like Combee, Carnivine, Spritzee, Cottonee, a few Unowns, Blue Flower Flabébé, and many more.

Numerous event bonuses will be active as well. Exclusive Special Research and Field Research stories will be live, Incense will last eight hours while Lure Modules will last four, and trades will cost 50% less Stardust, with a maximum of five Special Trades being available.

Be on the lookout for a Pikachu wearing a Safari Hat and some Shiny Pokémon as well! Buy your tickets now and download Pokémon Go for free by tapping one of the links below.

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