Pokemon Go's March Community Day event will feature Fletchling

It will take place on March 6th

Pokemon Go's March Community Day event will feature Fletchling
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Today Niantic has announced the details for the Community Day event that will take place in March. The featured Pokemon will be Fletchling, also know as the Tiny Robin Pokemon. It's not too far away either, taking place on March 6th from 11:00 am and 5:00 pm local time. 

During that time, unsurprisingly, more Fletchling will start to appear in the wild, whilst taking a few Snapshots will also result in a few encounters. There's also a good chance you'll run into a Shiny version of the Tiny Robin Pokemon. So, be on the lookout for a Fletchling with a slightly lighter shade than usual and of course, the tell-tale sparkles.

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There will also be an opportunity to get yourself a Talonflame with a special move during the event too. All you'll have to do is evolve a Fletchinder either whilst the event is underway or up to two hours afterwards and you'll get yourself a Talonflame that knows incinerate.

There will be a one-time-purchase Community Day Box available too for 1280 PokeCoins. It will contain 50 Ultra Balls, five Lucky Eggs, a Poffin and an Elite Fast TM. Meanwhile for $1 – or your local equivalent – you can purchase the Fletchling Community Day–exclusive Special Research story, The Bravest Bird.

This will likely yield a variety of different items alongside encounters with the Tiny Robin Pokemon with a higher IV floor. Finally, there will be a few bonuses active during the event. They will include 3x Catch XP and Incense will last for three hours.

Pokemon Go is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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