Pokemon Go is finally introducing Master Balls in the upcoming seasonal research story

Pokemon Go is finally introducing Master Balls in the upcoming seasonal research story

What’s probably the one thing that is more important than the Pokémon itself in Pokémon Go? A means to catch them! If Poké Balls didn’t exist, trainers would just be walking around aimlessly in the wild. Poké Balls ensure that players are able to expand their squads with new Pokémon and the introduction of the highly anticipated Master Ball should make this simpler.

Currently, Pokémon Go features a multitude of unique Poké Balls, all with the same purpose: catching Pokémon. The rarer ones make this task a little easier but they still leave it to chance. The regular ones offer no bonus, whereas the Great Ball increases the chance of capturing a Pokémon by 50%.

The Ultra Ball takes things even further by doubling the capture rate. There are two other distinct categories with a more specific use case. The Premier Ball is used to capture a Raid Boss, whereas the Beast Ball is meant only for capturing Ultra Beasts during special encounters.

Well, the chance factor can be thrown out of the window as the Master Ball is finally coming to Pokémon Go. Using it guarantees that the Pokémon will be caught without fail, be it in the wild, through Lure Modules, after Raid Battles, or even while using the Daily Adventure Incense.

There’s no situation where the Master Ball wouldn’t work. It offers the ultimate level of performance and will be vital in catching Pokémon with really high CP or those Legendries you just can’t afford to miss. Since it has a 100% catch rate, it eliminates the need of using berries as well. Of course, it’ll be much tougher to obtain them so they must be used really wisely.

Trainers will get their hands on the Master Ball soon during the Seasonal Special Research: Let’s Go, that’s taking place on May 22nd. It’ll be available until June 1st and grants trainers a Master Ball as one of the rewards.

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