Pokemon Go is introducing location cards for the Go Tour Hoenn in Las Vegas

Pokemon Go is introducing location cards for the Go Tour Hoenn in Las Vegas
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Pokémon Go’s Season 9: Mythical Wishes has entered its final leg and we are so close to the start of the highly awaited Pokémon Go Tour 2023 which takes trainers all the way back to Hoenn. The global event will be held on February 25th and 26th but, before that, a special live event will take place in Las Vegas on the 18th and 19th.

And it looks like a new feature will make its debut here too. Location Cards are something Niantic plans on introducing everywhere later on, but will be first seen during the Pokémon Go Tour 2023: Hoenn – Las Vegas. The cards are basically souvenir backgrounds that will show up on the Pokémon’s summary page after completing Raid battles at particular locations.

This will add some nostalgia to the game, fixing a memory with each new catch, as trainers will be able to see where they caught that particular Pokémon. This will be available in specified locations only so it will commemorate the players’ efforts for catching that Pokémon.

Each Location Card will be featured as an image on the Pokémon’s summary page in the area denoting where the Pokémon was caught. The card will keep rotating with the previous summary page background to make it less monotonous. The Las Vegas event will specifically feature only a few Pokémon in Raids that will offer Location Cards so do keep an eye out for them!

Pokémon Go’s Las Vegas phase of the Hoenn Tour is extremely near and fans coming to Sunset Park are about to have the time of their lives. There is so much awaiting trainers like Special Researches, a Masterwork Research with Jirachi, and Primal versions of Groudon and Kyogre.

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