Pokemon Go's Hoenn Tour is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, in February 2023

Pokemon Go's Hoenn Tour is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, in February 2023
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Pokémon Go’s Season 9: Mythical Wishes is launching tomorrow and is bringing back the much-awaited Pokémon Go Tour 2023, which takes trainers all the way back to Hoenn. On February 18th and 19th of next year, the event will go live in Sunset Park, Las Vegas. Pokémon from Ruby and Sapphire are making their way there as players participate in all the festivities.

There is so much that is going to happen during the Pokémon Go Tour 2023, but the most surprising thing is a partnership with Team Go Rocket of all people! During the event, a Special Research story will be held, which sees players join forces with their foes. It’s not yet clear whether the villains have had a change of heart or if is this just an elaborate trap.


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The primal forces are also coming to Pokémon Go as Groudon and Kyogre are resurfacing, causing environmental havoc. Primal Reversion comes to the AR game for the first time and players participating in the Primal Surge Field Research will receive opportunities of encountering these ancient and strong Pokémon.

This season has been titled Mythical Wishes and the hardcore fans may have realised that this has to do something to do with the wish-making Pokémon, Jirachi. Trainers making their way to the Hoenn Tour will be granted the Masterwork Research that includes an encounter with not just the regular Jirachi, but its Shiny variant!

Speaking of Shiny Pokémon, a lot of them will be available in Las Vegas. Professor Willow’s research has led to the revelation of a massive number of Shiny Pokémon from the Hoenn region appearing during the Tour next year. It’s the perfect opportunity to check those boxes off your empty Pokédex.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the festivities. Find out more on the official website. Niantic is also running an early bird discount right now with tickets available for $25.

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