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Pokemon Go: How to quickly get items and coins

Never find yourself short of items and coins again

Pokemon Go: How to quickly get items and coins

When playing Pokemon Go, you probably want to fill up your backpack with items so that you can have better adventures. There are so many different items in the game, from potions to revives to stickers to lures, all waiting for you to find the right time to use them! With so many different Pokemon Go items and so many ways to spend premium coins in the shop, I am sure you are wondering how to get more items and more coins.

First, we are going to start by talking about how to get coins quickly, then move into tips on how to gather some of the other cool items that can be found in Pokemon Go, from cosmetics to items that sit in your backpack, I am sure you’ll find some tips to help you out.

How to get coins in Pokemon GO?

Coins are a premium currency in Pokemon Go, which is hard to come by without dishing out some cash. You can purchase coin packs inside the shop, but if you want free coins, you are going to need to take on gyms. Having your Pokemon in a gym can earn you a max of 50 coins, per day, when the Pokemon returns home. You earn coins based on the amount of time your Pokemon has been at the gym.

If you want your Pokemon to stay longer, you can feed them berries when they are weakened, to return their health and keep them in. There is no quick way of doing this, and with a 50 coin daily cap, it’s quite a challenge to build up, but if you make regular attempts to take over gyms and stick Pokemon there, you’ll have a better chance of earning the max number of coins each day.

How to get Pokemon GO items quickly?

When it comes to items, generally, you have a lot of options. Finding whatever option works best for you, or combining a few different options, might make for a more profitable day. Let’s go through all of the ways that you can gain items and how often you’ll likely find special items.

First, you have PokeStops (and stops above gyms). These are real-world locations that you can spin, giving you a reward. You will get bonus rewards if it’s your first spin of the day and if you spin them every day for 7 days in a row. You can get special items like Metal Coat and Dragon Scales from these stops, though it's rarer.

If you have hit your 7-day streak of daily stop spins, you’ll get a Pokemon evolution item, at random, which can be helpful. PokeStops can give a bunch of different items, at random, from potions to Pokeballs. If you spin a stop above a gym of your team's colour, you will get a bonus, adding extra items to your inventory.

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You can get items through the gifts

Gifts are another way of gaining items, though they are quite similar to a PokeStop in the way they work. Gifts are sent from friends to other friends. You can only send one gift to each person per day and you cannot send a gift to a friend if they have an unopened gift from you. These gifts are random - not even your friend knows what they are sending you - but they often have the same types of items as PokeStops have.

There are also daily gift boxes in the shop, at the moment, which can be claimed for free. These gift boxes can have a bunch of different items in them, though it’s mainly potions and PokeBalls. You can see what items are in the box before you claim it. Sometimes, there are even special boxes in place, for items like Remote Raid Passes.

Field Research tasks, though they may take a little work, can net you some cool items (or the ability to spawn and catch a Pokemon, if you’re interested in that!) At the moment, if you have a free slot, you should receive a new, daily Field Research task to complete, but otherwise, you can gain new tasks by spinning PokeStops.

These tasks are small things like catching a set number of Pokemon or powering them up a number of times. You can delete any of the Field Research tasks you don’t like and see the rewards before you attempt them. If you do a field task each day, you will get a sticker, which can add up to a bigger prize including an encounter with a Pokemon!

Pokemon Go trainer battle items

Trainer battles are another great way to gain a bunch of items in Pokemon Go. You can battle against your friends or other people currently looking to take on a challenge! There are league battles where you can choose your ranking and then pick the appropriate team out.

There, you will play 5 battles in a row, gaining increasingly better rewards as you gain wins. You can do this several times a day, and it doesn’t even require you to revive fallen Pokemon. It’s a great way to actually gain items while spending some time getting to know your Pokemon’s moves.

Keeping an eye out on special events, you can also take advantage of any limited-time events that give you more items during that time. Pokemon Go on Twitter and Facebook often announces these events, as does their News section of the app. There have been tons of new events so far this year, so who knows what could be in the works!


When it comes to getting new accessories, Pokemon Go has been doing all sorts of interesting things. They have collaborated with brands like GUCCI to give players accessories if they spin specific PokeStops, during limited-time events, and they also often give out redeem codes, which you can use to unlock the items instantly.

We have a list of all of the current active redeem codes, for you to easily redeem and gain items from! Please note, sometimes these item packs are accessories and other times they might just be items! It depends on what codes are currently active.