Pokemon Go's February Community Day will feature Hoppip and its evolutions

Pokemon Go's February Community Day will feature Hoppip and its evolutions
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Niantic has kicked this year off with multiple events for Pokémon Go’s Season of Heritage. We’ve almost unlocked the mysterious door and we will soon find out what’s on the other side. The Johto Tour is also set to take off next month. January also saw Spheal show up for the Community Day and players caught the clapping Pokémon and evolved it to get special moves. In February, Hoppip will feature.

The cottonweed Pokémon Hoppip is set to be the star of February’s Community Day in Pokémon Go. On February 12th, between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm local time players will encounter Hoppip more frequently in the wild and may even find a Shiny Hoppip! To make catching and evolving the Pokémon easier, Niantic is extending the duration of all Incense and Lure Modules to three hours and will provide 3x Stardust for catching Hoppip.

Additionally, trainers can also receive up to three free Raid Passes from Gyms until 7:00 pm local time. Hoppip’s second evolution Skiploom has a higher chance of appearing in parks and will award players with bonus Hoppip XL Candy for capturing it. Also, evolving Hoppip into its final evolution will result in a Jumpluff that knows the Charged Attack Acrobatics. It deals 110 damage in Trainer Battles and 100 damage in Gyms and Raids.

February’s Community Day Special Research Story is called A Hop, Skip, and Jump Away and will be accessible for a premium of $1.00 USD. Tickets will go live soon. The Community Day Box featuring 50 Ultra Balls, two Super Incubators, six Star Pieces, and an Elite Fast TM will also return to the item shop for 1,280 PokéCoins on February 12th. Furthermore, players can get a bundle containing 30 Ultra Balls for free from the item shop.

As always, spinning PokéStops and opening gifts will award players with event stickers and taking snapshots during the Community Day will unlock a special surprise.

Get ready to catch Hoppip by downloading Pokémon Go for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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