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How to catch Pokemon and items with Pokemon Dream Radar, and transfer them to Pokemon Black and White Version 2

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How to catch Pokemon and items with Pokemon Dream Radar, and transfer them to Pokemon Black and White Version 2
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If you're a Pokemaniac, own a 3DS, and have £2.69 burning a hole in your pocket, then I've got some great news for you: Pokemon Dream Radar is out now.

As I'm sure you're already aware, Pokemon Dream Radar will help you catch Pokemon at breakneck speed. You will then be able to use them in Pokemon Black and White Version 2. Wahey.

But, just exactly how does THAT work?

Well, that's what this guide is here for. In it, we'll walk you through the basic process of capturing a Pokemon, and then transferring it over to your DS copy of Pokemon Black and Version 2, or Pokemon White Version 2.

Ready? Then, we shall begin...

Make sure you've downloaded Pokemon Dream Radar from the eShop and have your copy of Pokemon Black or White Version 2 ready in the cartridge slot.

Launch Pokemon Dream Radar and follow the on-screen instructions until you're given access to the game proper.

Shoot the clouds that appear around you, and keep an eye out for the flashing ones (for they'll have Pokemon and game items inside that are just ripe for capturing).

Shoot them by lining up your reticle on them and tapping the A button. When you enter the capture mode, keep tapping A until you wear them down, adding them to your collection.

Next, exit to the main menu and select 'Send Research Data'.

This will show you all the items and Pokemon you've collected. Select 'Transfer', and tap 'Yes'.

Now, go to the Home screen of the 3DS and launch your copy of Pokemon Black or White Version 2.

Instead of resuming from a save file, go down to 'Unova Link' and select that. Then, choose 'Nintendo 3DS Link' and send the data.

After a moment, your received items will go to your Bag, and the Pokemon will be sent to the PC Box.

Quit out of this (which restarts the game) and fire up your save file.

Wherever you are, head to the nearest Pokemon Centre (or anywhere with a PC) and get access to the Pokemon Storage System.

Go to 'Withdraw Pokemon', and, hey presto, your newly captured pocket monster will be waiting for you. Plus, any items you've received will already be waiting for you in your bag.

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