Pocket Gamer iPhone Podcast: Episode 9

Circuit Strike.One and a GTA rumour precede an artillery blowout in the reviews

Pocket Gamer iPhone Podcast: Episode 9

Episode 9 is upon is and this week we are filling in the iPhone’s blanks. What do we mean by that? Well everyone knows that the iPhone still needs a proper 3D skating game, a decent Rez clone and something from the good folks over at Rockstar.

That’s why in this week’s news we uncover a new Vans branded 3D skating title, take a look at the stylish luminescent shooter Circuit Strike.One and stir up all manner of fuss by discussing a GTA iPhone rumour.

As for reviews, we’ve got hands-on time with the stark but brilliant puzzler Monospace before lacing up our boots for an armed forces double whamy with Toy Tanks 3D and Hellfire.

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