Pocket Gamer iPhone Podcast: Episode 7

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Pocket Gamer iPhone Podcast: Episode 7

It’s episode seven of our iPhone gaming podcast and like last week, and the five weeks before that, it’s a belter.

We go to see a man about a dog with some fresh Underworld news and get first looks at the hot new titles, Sway and Hysteria. All that plus full hands-on reviews of Radio Flare, Paper Pilot and Orion: Legend of Wizards.

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But we’ve gone a step further this week by organizing all of our podcasts in a new playlist on our YouTube channel, which can be found here. That means that every week, non-iTunes subscribers will be able to see the new episode at the top of the pile in that playlist, rather than go sifting for it through our five hundred odd other pocket gaming videos.

Good idea? We think so, but if you have any other suggestions for how you would like to receive our video content, or even just some thoughts about how we could make the iPhone podcast even better, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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