iPhone gaming podcast: Episode 32

In which we almost lose the plot completely

iPhone gaming podcast: Episode 32

Does Trip Hawkins have a pencil moustache, or is it just a trick of the light? Is it wise to run five miles wearing flippers, and how many achievement points is it worth? Should Chris start a new career as a one man sound effects generator, like that bloke off of Police Academy?

All valid questions. This is true public service broadcasting, going above and beyond the call of duty in the name of informing the general public as best we can. We also manage to squeeze in some news about the release of Minigore, the new Call of Duty app and Apple’s forthcoming tablet device.

It makes for a heady mix that should be swallowed whole, preferably served on an iPhone or iPod touch (though don’t swallow that whole).

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One last thing: this week we also announce a very special prize draw relating to the Pocket Gamer People Survey, in which you can win an iPod touch or an N-Gage handset. Listen carefully for all the details.

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