iPhone gaming podcast: Episode 30

Fraser - Vocals, effects. Rob Hearn - Guitar, vocals...

iPhone gaming podcast: Episode 30

This week, the little podcast that could, but doesn't, has been unceremoniously stripped of one of its members. So with Chris away in Seattle, braving various networking parties and open bars, Rob and I have spitefully taken the opportunity to sabotage the the golden reputation we have built over the last few months.

The result is the most wretched and haphazard piece of broadcasting since Blue Peter host John Noakes fell spectacularly into a puddle of baby elephant urine live on air in 1969.

Between impromptu jamming sessions and discussions about how best to cope with a zombie apocalypse, however, we did manage to squeeze in a few slithers of info about Portal, Resident Evil 4 and Boom Blox. We also managed to make a brief pass of the Rumour Mine and hammer out a quick round-up of what we’ve been playing.

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