6 tips and cheats to get Puss In Boots faster in Pocket Shrek

Stick with these and it won't be game ogre

6 tips and cheats to get Puss In Boots faster in Pocket Shrek
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If you've been eyeing up Pocket Shrek and thinking, "gee, I'd play that if I could hang out with a cuter creature than Shrek", then you're in luck.

The game's just been updated with Puss in Boots, who you can stroke, play games with, and do all the other activities that you can currently do with Shrek.

However, if you want access to the sword-wielding kitty, you'll need to be level 40, or pay cold, hard cash to unlock him.

Fear not, however - we've got some tips on how to boost your level as quickly as possible, and save yourself some money in the process.

Pocket Shrek Don't touch!

While Shrek's just loitering around, you can tap various places on his body to get a reaction, or even tickle him if you really want to.

But unless a quest asks you to do so, don't bother. Every interaction costs energy, makes Shrek a little bit hungrier, and provides tiny XP rewards.

So keep your fingers to yourself (unless a quest requires you to touch him) and focus on activities instead.

Do the roar

Speaking of activities, you can safely ignore most of them in favour of the "Do The Roar" activity that you unlock at the start of the game.

Pocket Shrek

It's the easiest one to do, and offers the most XP for the least amount of effort. You can easily gain around 500XP every time you play it, which is much higher than the others.

Plus, once you reach level 21, you'll unlock "Super Do The Roar", which doubles the XP and coins you earn.

Know your onions

There's a bunch of different items you can collect when playing Pocket Shrek, but the most important one you need to focus on for XP growth is onions.

You can earn onions by completing quests and pages in the Storybook, so if you see one pop up as a reward for a quest, jump on that one first.

Pocket Shrek

Each onion gives you a 5% boost to your XP rewards across all activities and quests, so the more you get, the faster you'll level up.

Use your gems

Gems, the premium currency, are earned by levelling up, completing pages in the Storybook, or watching an ad. In short, Pocket Shrek is fairly generous when it comes to giving you free gems.

To get the most out of them, you should spend them on unlocking quests early so you can continuously soak up that lovely XP. There's no real use for gems other than that.

Tell me a story

It's been mentioned a couple of times already, but you really should be looking at your Storybook whenever possible.

Pocket Shrek

You'll get stickers pretty regularly, but you have to manually place them into the Storybook yourself.

Make sure you do this every time you get a new sticker or sticker pack, as the rewards you get for completing a page are well worth the minute of tapping it takes to put them in.

Let sleeping ogres lie

While Shrek won't use any energy while you're not playing, it doesn't hurt to put him down for a nap every time you decide to stop.

Tap the sleep button before you close the app to let him doze, and you won't need to worry about energy when you open it again.