Pocket Gamer Directory Top 100 iPhone and iPad Games of 2010 guide is out now

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Pocket Gamer Directory Top 100 iPhone and iPad Games of 2010 guide is out now

Given the astronomical number of iPhones, iPod touches and iPads Apple managed to get under Christmas trees late last month, it's likely you'll know someone that's only just recently been beamed aboard the iOS spaceship.

And while you no doubt find their child-like enthusiasm infectious, getting incessant requests for game recommendations when you're trying to serve customers, pretend to listen to your boss's 'I didn't get where I am today' tedious monologue or, say, perform a life-saving amputation is - let's be frank - getting a little irritating.

If only there was something you could point them to, something that would answer their thirst for knowledge while keeping them busy and quiet…

You're in luck. Just released is the Top 100 iPhone and iPad Games of 2010, a guide that selects PG's favourite titles of last year and represents the latest addition to the recently launched Pocket Gamer Directory on the App Store.

With 100 reviews of 2010's finest gaming experiences to discover and handy App Store links for effortless shopping, it's guaranteed to get you a little 'me time' back.

And once they're done devouring the selection, your iNoob chums can be further occupied with digesting extensive tips for Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Smurfs' Village - games that even they are likely to have heard about.

For dessert their attention will no doubt be drawn to the series of our current Top 5 favourites, categorised in the guide by genre. So no more, 'What are the best driving games for iPhone?' questions. Zoom-zoom, va-va-voom.

The price for the prolonged peace you'll enjoy should be priceless. But it's not - it's just £1.79. For that modest sum your iDependants will get 84 pages of authoritative gaming goodness.

But they don't need to be the only ones to benefit. Regular PG readers will already possess superlative iOS gaming knowledge, natch, and may indeed have seen it all before. Then again, it's easy to miss the odd must-play title on the App Store given the rate at which they show up, so this guide could well fill some crucial (and/or surprising) gaps in your collection.

Or you could just tell us why you disagree with most of our choices. We promise not to cry. Or hire a hitman.

So whether you're a seasoned iOS gamer, the proud new owner of a portable slab of Apple technology or, er, you've stumbled onto this site by accident, the Top 100 iPhone and iPad Games of 2010 aims to offer something for everyone.

It's available now so check it out by downloading it from the Pocket Gamer Directory app.