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Pocket Card Jockey ponies up to the 3DS eShop

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Pocket Card Jockey ponies up to the 3DS eShop
| Pocket Card Jockey

One of the most unusual hybrids we've seen in a long while has arrived on the 3DS eShop.

Pocket Card Jockey
mashes up solitaire with horse racing and it's surprising compelling.

You have to clear cards to energise your horse and level him up with strategic positioning on the track.

You can also retire your steed to breed and sire ponies, then help your offspring mature into a race horse capable of winning of competitions and prizes.

It all sounds utterly crazy, but the demo is surprisingly enjoyable as well as being quite generous in the content it offers.
You can grab Pocket Card Jockey for £6.29/$7.99 on the eShop right now. Or you can sit there, neighing at the screen while watching this trailer. Either is absolutely fine with me.

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