Vita's Gravity Rush turned into a vapid Coke-sponsored endless-runner on iOS

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Vita's Gravity Rush turned into a vapid Coke-sponsored endless-runner on iOS

Gravity Rush protagonist Kat is the latest PlayStation mascot to sell out and shill Coke Zero in the depressingly cynical iOS and Android game PlayStation All-Stars Island.

The game debuted on the App Store earlier in the year, and featured Uncharted everyman Nathan Drake collecting Coke drops in a half-arsed Temple Run clone.

Now, Kat from Gravity Rush has her own game, called Infinite Skies. It's another endless-runner, though this time you can jump from the floor to the ceiling and bounce between walls to collect crystals.

If you bop enemies on their red core, you'll collect drops of fizzy brown liquid. If you manage to fill up the entire on-screen bottle before deleting the app and throwing your sullied iPhone in a lake, you'll get to play a mini-game with Jak and Daxter.

PlayStation All-Stars Island

Alongside this new Gravity Rush-themed game, the latest update to PlayStation All-Stars Island includes a tepid kart racing game featuring LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy.

You'll need to score a load of points in the Uncharted or Gravity Rush games, or point your phone at a silhouette of Sackboy, to unlock LittleBigPlanet: Epic Race.

If you haven't thrown down your iPad in disgust yet, be aware that Infamous Survival will be available to play "soon", too. Can't wait.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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