Play Together's Valentine's Day 2023 update will introduce a number of events and accessibility changes

Play Together's Valentine's Day 2023 update will introduce a number of events and accessibility changes
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Love is in the air right now and the citizens of Kaia Island are certainly feeling it. Haegin will release an adorable update for the casual mobile social network game Play Together in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Loads of minigames will go live and players can gather loads of rewards as we enter the season of love.

Play Together features a tonne of minigames that players can enjoy and this update aims to improve on their accessibility by making it even easier to launch them. Some of the popular ones include the night exclusive Zombie Virus, Tower of Infinity at the Camping Ground, and the mini battle royale, To Shoot or Not to Shoot at the Plaza.

From now on, a brand new selection menu has been created for all these minigames. Instead of going to a specific location to play a particular game, players can now simply open the menu and click the Play Game button for whatever game they want to play. This will really simplify things and make it faster.

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In addition to this, another feature gives players the option to spectate the match once they have been eliminated if they wish to wait and see who is crowned the winner. One more much-asked-for system has also been introduced. Players finally have the option of playing minigames with friends that have been invited to their homes.

Of course, not to side-track from the Valentine’s Day celebrations, loads of events are being prepared for the same too. A number of special events will go live, with loads of lovely goodies waiting to be unwrapped. Even the Valentine Pet is returning to Kaia Island for a limited time.

To top it off, the Downtown area has been populated by a massive Gift Calendar with many mysterious boxes surrounding it. These boxes have numbers corresponding to dates and opening them on time will unlock several rewards.

Celebrate love by downloading Play Together now for free.

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