Platinum Solitaire game deals onto iPhone

Touchscreen card sim shuffles onto the App Store

Platinum Solitaire game deals onto iPhone

There are going to be 1,768 solitaire games for iPhone by the end of the year. At least 1,750 of them will be rubbish. This is Mobile Game Fact.

That's not something you can say about Platinum Solitaire, which is yet another of Gameloft's launch titles for the iPhone App Store.

It sees you playing six different variants of solitaire in casinos around the world – do people really play solitaire in casinos? – including traditional solitaire, Golf, FreeCell, Pyramid, Spider and Yukon.

Your aim, naturally, is to win as much dosh as you can with your card-sorting skills. This being the iPhone, you move your cards using your finger on the touchscreen. It's an interface tailor-made for solitaire, making the game much more tactile than previous mobile versions.

Along the way, there's tutorials to explain the different rules, and in-game hints to help you out of tight spots. We think Platinum Solitaire could be a big hit – partly because it's got wide appeal, but also because of its £4.99 price point.

Click here to check out its product page on the App Store.