[Updated] PopCap's Peggle and Plants vs Zombies out now on Android Marketplace

Brains and balls for all

[Updated] PopCap's Peggle and Plants vs Zombies out now on Android Marketplace
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Two of PopCap's most beloved titles -- tower defence epic Plants vs Zombies and the dangerously addictive Peggle -- are no longer exclusive to the US-only Amazon Appstore.

Update, December 14 2011: They are now available for wide and global download on Google's own Android Marketplace. You can find Plants vs Zombies here (£1.99) and Peggle here (£1.99). Braaains...

Plants vs Zombies has you creating a garden of defensive units to stop the recently resurrected from marching in your house and munching on your grey matter.

You'll need to call on pea-shooting plants and explosive corn cobs to fend off the undead attack, while stocking up on happy little sunflowers who produce the game's currency: drops of golden sunlight.

This clever strategy game - which we gave a Gold Award on iPhone, and praised its "deep tactical roots" - has appeared on every platform under the sun, including Nintendo DS, iPhone and Windows Phone 7. There's even a PlayStation Vita edition planned for the device's launch.


Peggle, on the other hand, isn't so tactical. You've got to clear a field of pegs by firing a metallic ball out of a cannon, and hoping that it hits a few orange and purple pegs on the way to the ground. This one's more about gravity, rather than strategy.

But it's no less compulsive, turning players into obsessed automatons until the adventure mode is finished, all the cartoony Peggle masters have been unlocked and the rock-hard missions in challenge mode have been beaten. We gave it a Gold.

Complete global saturation

Both games were once exclusively found on Amazon's digital boutique, but they will soon be available in the main Android shop. "Fans will now have access to these games on multiple devices and from several marketplaces," said PvZ wrangler Tony Leamer.

Andrew Stein, PopCap's director of mobile product management told Pocket Gamer that "Plants vs Zombies Android will work on HVGA (480x320), WVGA (800x480 or 854x480) and qHD phones, and 7” tablets (1024x600) that meet the minimum requirements for the game." The developer revealed, "we are working on a version for the 10” tablets (1280x800)."

Both games cost $2.99 or £1.99. Peggle will not have the Nights expansion "at launch", Stein tells us.

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