Plants vs Zombies for Android out now on Amazon Appstore, free for one day

US versus them

Plants vs Zombies for Android out now on Amazon Appstore, free for one day
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The wait is finally over (for Americans) - PopCap’s seminal tower defence title Plants vs Zombies has arrived on Android via the Amazon Appstore.

If you’ve been living in a crypt for the past year, Plants vs Zombies puts you in charge of a motley selection of cartoony perennials, out to stop a legion of comedy living dead from breaching the garden parimeter.

It’s managed to earn a Pocket Gamer Gold Award on iPhone, thanks not only to its fantastic presentation and genuinely funny humour, but also the way it manages to blend an approachable exterior with devious strategy.

The game is free today on the Amazon Appstore (link), so US-folk should hop to it and dig it up before it goes up in price tomorrow (to $2.99).

For everyone living outside the Land of the Brave, Popcap still hasn’t committed definitely when and if the game will be coming to the Android Market, with the last statement from the company saying that it was “working on getting the games in as many channels as possible after the exclusivity period is over”.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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