Plants vs Zombies coming to iPhone on February 15th

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Plants vs Zombies coming to iPhone on February 15th
| Plants vs Zombies

PopCap has recently announced via its twitter feed that within a week Plants vs Zombies, one of the most highly anticipated games of last year, will finally arrive on iPhone.

An instant hit with gamers playing on PC and Mac, the game has overcome several delays since first being announced. And despite initial setbacks it seems a dead cert that the iPhone incarnation will at long last be unleashed onto the App Store February 15th.

Such high expectation is rightly deserved. PopCap is notorious for creating a number of frighteningly addictive games, most notably Bejeweled. And if the PC/Mac version of Plants vs Zombies is anything to go by, you can expect to be glued to your iPhone defending your front porch for the forseeable future.

Until that time, take a look at this latest trailer.

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