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Lots of developers out there try to capitalise on cultural phenomena and world events. It's an instant way to grab the attention of potential players all around the world, and a great basis to build ideas upon.

However, when this phenomenon turns out to be another game it’s a different story. That's not stopped Inlogic, though, as Pizza Ninja relies on far too many similarities with Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja franchise.

While it does have its own merits, but this 'homage' could be seen far too easily as little more than a rip-off.

Slice and dice

Heading to Infinite Mode grants you the pleasure of playing through a high-score slice-fest akin to Fruit Ninja. You'll slice mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, and a whole manner of other pizza toppings that fly up into your chopping board.

You'll have three lives, each one knocked off when you slice through a can of poison – Pizza Ninja's version of bombs. It's simple stuff, but exactly what you'd expect from a Java clone.

Instead of the freedom of touchscreen swipes, you have a high, medium, and low knife swing that requires some deft timing to strike a topping at the right time.

Pizza Ninja does stand on its own when it comes to Arcade Mode. Here you're greeted by a series of levels and objectives to slice through certain vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Missing one or cutting the wrong one results in losing a life.

It's simple, but adds a bit of longevity to the game beyond the largely dull Infinite mode.

Pizza Ninja

Inlogic takes someone else's idea, doesn't do it as well, but adds in a slightly compelling idea to tempt you to play for longer than you otherwise would
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Vaughn Highfield
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