SolaRola maker to develop for DS, with Android and iPhone to follow

Pixeline and the Mirror of Dreams is first Nintendo handheld game

SolaRola maker to develop for DS, with Android and iPhone to follow

Anyone who knows their mobile games will know SolaRola (pictured). It's a homage to LocoRoco that was released last year on J2ME platforms to a fanfare of praise and 'best game' award nominations. Not least from ourselves, of course – we enjoyed it so much we gave the game a Platinum Award in our review.

So today's news that the Denmark-based studio behind SolaRola – Progressive Media – has set up a new division especially dedicated to Nintendo DS development is a very welcome one. Essentially, if the studio can work its magic on the touchscreen console like it can on mobile then we should be in for some quality titles.

Although none of them are looking to be a DS LocoRoco just yet, alas. Progressive has instead announced its first title for the handheld is Pixeline and the Mirror of Dreams, an adventure set across 11 different worlds with characters to interact with, items to buy and sell and mini-games to play through.

As well as details on its first DS game, there's also news of interest to mobile game followers. Speaking on the studio's future direction, CEO Thomas Nielson revealed the studio's intention to add iPhone and Android games to its development.

"We're determined to evolve Progressive Media into one of the world's leading independent cross-platform game specialists, and our move into Nintendo DS is a big step in that direction," said Nielson.

"We're already working with ambitious partners to bring out new titles across J2ME, BREW, online social communities, PC downloadable, Xbox Live Arcade and now Nintendo DS – and we'll be making more announcements on both iPhone and Android later this year."

Exciting stuff. We'll be watching out for those announcements as well as looking forward to checking out Pixeline, which is due for release towards the end of the year.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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