Uncharted comes to PSP in the form of Pinball Heroes

Nathan Drake nudges his adventures onto the PSP

Uncharted comes to PSP in the form of Pinball Heroes
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Skim the headline and you'd be forgiven for thinking that an Uncharted PSP game had somehow slipped through the net and enjoyed a surprise release just before Christmas.

Unfortunately it's not quite the good news PSP owners were hoping for. Confirming a rumour that did the rounds earlier this week, Sony has recently announced a new PSP title, Pinball Heroes, a pinball game with tables based around popular SCE titles priced at $3.99 each.

There are currently four different tables available to download including PAIN, Uncharted, High Velocity Bowling and Hot Shots Golf.

As you'd expect, each table has been designed with the original games in mind. For example, the High Velocity Bowling table comes loaded with ten pins racked up ready for you to knock down while the Uncharted table tells the story of Nathan Drake’s adventures in the first Uncharted game.

“For me, the coolest thing about Pinball Heroes is that if you dig pinball, you’ll really like any of the tables because of the diverse set of challenges that each one features, including an in-game trophy shelf, in-game trophies, online leaderboards, and an assortment of modes that keep the game exciting and fun” says Jason Coker, the producer of the new PSP title

Given the nature of pinball and the relative ease of creating new tables based on other popular games it wouldn’t be unthinkable to expect a whole host of other tables to arrive on the PlayStation Store in the near future.

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