Gameprom’s Pinball HD now available on Tegra-powered Android devices

iPad game retooled for Android, features three tables, anaglyph 3D support

Gameprom’s Pinball HD now available on Tegra-powered Android devices
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Like the deaf, dumb, and blind kid extolled so enthusiastically by The Who, it seems the Android Market sure plays a mean pinball.

Yesterday, we told you that ZEN Pinball THD was on its way for Tegra-powered devices, and Gameprom’s Pinball HD is available to download right now for those with suitably-specced devices.

Originally released for iPad, and earning itself a Pocket Gamer Bronze Award at review, Pinball HD arrives on Android with the same three themed tables as its iOS cousin – Wild West, The Deep, and Jungle Style.

The game has a realistic physics engine for authentic ball movement, and there are two viewing modes: Landscape, which gives you a view of the entire table, and Portrait, which zooms and pans across the table according to the ball’s position.

There’s even a stereoscopic imaging option for those with anaglyph 3D glasses, as well as local and global leaderboards for the high score chasers among you.

You can find Pinball HD right now on the Android Market or Tegra Zone, at the very reasonable price of $2.99, or roughly £1.82 for UK users.

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