Gameprom bringing iPhone pinball games to iPad in single package

Wild West, The Deep and Jungle Style Pinball in one app

Gameprom bringing iPhone pinball games to iPad in single package
| Pinball HD

Mobile pinball aficionado Gameprom is bringing its bevy of portable pinball classics to the iPad in a compilation package.

Speaking on the Touch Arcade forums, Kiev developer Gameprom showed off several screenshots for the upcoming iPad versions of The Deep and Jungle Style pinball tables, as well as a feature list for the enhanced tablet edition.

The additions include plenty of nifty graphical tweaks like reflection on the tables and balls, new lighting effects, and four balls in multiball mode.

Gameprom will also be enhancing Wild West Pinball for the iPad package, which the developer says "is redesigned and [more] enhanced than [the] other two."

While the three games were individually released on iPhone, they will be collated into one app for the iPad version. "Wild West Pinball will be free," says the developer, while the "other two you should purchase to unlock."

The game won't be available for launch because the development studio still doesn't know "how many RAM and how fast graphics in the iPad," and will have to wait because, according to the developer, "it's not easy [to] pre-order an iPad in Eastern Europe."

See more screenshots in the gallery above.