The Pinball HD out now on iPad

There's got to be a twist

The Pinball HD out now on iPad
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Gameprom's The Pinball, previously available on Mac OS X and the iPhone, is now available on the iPad's gorgeous display.

While the iPhone games were separated into one table per app, for Jungle Style, The Deep and Wild West pinball tables, The Pinball HD shoves all three into one compilation package.

The game can be played in landscape or portrait mode. The landscape view shows the entire table in one go and holding the iPad in portrait mode will only show the current location of the ball, with a 'flying camera' view.

The game promises realistic physics and a 3D engine that will "max out your iPad capabilities".

There are also high score leaderboards, built-in tutorials and even stereoscopic 3D, if you've got the specs.

The Pinball HD is available on the App Store now for £1.79, $2.99 or €2.39.