Retailer listing hints at Pikmin 3DS

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Retailer listing hints at Pikmin 3DS
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After yesterday’s announcement at the 3DS preview event in Amsterdam revealed that European retailers will be able to set the price of Nintendo’s new handheld, many online retailers in the UK were keen to spread the word about the various bundles and games that will be available at launch.

However, amidst the rush, one retailer has hinted that Pikmin 3D may be coming to the 3DS rather soon. Customers of The Hut are able to pre-order the game for £34.93, although the listing contains no details nor displays any pack art.

The fact that Nintendo supremo Satoru Iwata had previously suggested that Pikmin's immersive strategy gameplay would be ideal for 3D, and that a possible DS version had been tentatively discussed, gives fans of the series further hope that Pikmin 3D is on its way. Despite the listing, however, no official announcement has been made concerning the game’s existence. VG247