Pico Tanks, the 3v3 multiplayer brawler from Panda Arcade, will be available for iOS and Android next week

Bringing a whole lot of customisation

Pico Tanks, the 3v3 multiplayer brawler from Panda Arcade, will be available for iOS and Android next week
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Panda Arcade, the indie studio behind the upcoming 3v3 tank brawler Pico Tanks, has revealed that their game will be available for both iOS and Android next week, following a successful soft launch in New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines.

The game has already received over 300,000 pre-registers on Google Play alone, so there's clearly an appetite for some colourful tank on tank destruction. We've covered Pico Tanks a few times after Dann first discovered the game at Casual Connect Europe last year.

You can check out some of the gameplay in the trailer below where it looks to be a fast-paced and frantic multiplayer title, working in teams of 3 to take down your opponents. It appears you can even take on a supporting role in the team, providing your teammates with a constant stream of healing to make them more difficult to kill if shooting isn't your forte.

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There will also be a variety of different game modes such as 'Hold the Flag' where you'll grab a flag and then try to hold it for the longest amount of time during the match. There will also be 'Fetch the Cargo' where you'll grab a big box and be tasked with dragging it back to your base before your opponents can do the same. Then, of course, there will be the classic deathmatch which requires no introduction at this point.

There's also a huge focus on customisation in Pico Tanks, with a whole host of different trinkets you can adorn your tank with. This could be a Stetson, a bowl of fruit or even a sheep. Beyond that, the rest of your tank is also very changeable with hovercraft traversal or wheels available instead of the usual caterpillar tracks we associate with tanks.

Pico Tanks will be available on both the App Store and Google Play on January 31st, and you can pre-register on the latter now if you'd like. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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