[Updated] Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies has popped up in Japan for iPad and iPhone

But will it come out over here? (Updated with news of a Western release)

[Updated] Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies has popped up in Japan for iPad and iPhone
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Updated on August 8th at 09:20: A post over on Capcom Unity has revealed that Dual Destinies will be heading to the US and Europe in the not-too-distant future.

There's no definite release date stated, but according to the post it'll be 'quite soon'. We well, as usual, let you know when we hear anything more concrete.

Original story follows...

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is out on the App Store. But only in Japan. Sorry if I got your hopes up for a minute there, I'm just an awful, awful person.

The game appears to be a direct port of the 3DS version, albeit squished onto the paltry single screen that iPads and iPhones sport.

The first episode of the game is free, and you can buy the rest as a bundle for 2000 Yen, or individually for 600 Yen each. You can also grab the Turnabout Reclaimed DLC for 600 Yen as well.

Whether or not the game will make it to UK shores remains to be seen. We can't see why it shouldn't, but the machinations of game publishers are strange and other-worldly.

As soon as we hear anything we'll be sure to let you know. We're nice like that, in spite of our grim and gruff exterior.

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