Capcom responds to fans objections over Ace Attorney 5's digital-only distribution


Capcom responds to fans objections over Ace Attorney 5's digital-only distribution

Yesterday, Capcom got fans of courtroom drama and emphatic gesturing all sorts of excited when it announced that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies would come to North America and Europe as an eShop-only title.

But some fans wanted more - or rather, they wanted a physical copy of the game.

Responding to these fans, Capcom's Christian Svensson took to the Ask Capcom forums to explain the decision to go digital-only and said that "hopefully the method to our madness will become more clear".

Taking the stand

There are numerous reasons why players would opt for a physical copy over a game over a digital version, but these reasons tend to vary from player to player.

Some are concerned about Nintendo's decision to tie downloads to a physical system, while others just like owning small plastic rectangles.

Svensson acknowledged that these fans might feel alienated by Capcom's decision to release Dual Destinies only on the eShop but also asked for some understanding:

"We worked very hard to ensure a Western release on this title. If we'd said ‘no, it's not coming’, it would have triggered the inevitable ‘please bring it to eshop, at least’ cries. Instead we shortcutted that and brought it straight to eShop."

Finally, Svensson hinted that there's more to Dual Destinies than yesterday's announcement revealed, "Just keep in mind we haven't shared full details yet. More details will become clear in a few weeks".

We'll be sure to keep you updated as soon as those details become available.

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