Opening movie for Persona 4: The Golden released

What the funk?

Opening movie for Persona 4: The Golden released

The opening movie for the upcoming PS Vita title Persona 4: The Golden is now available after Famitsu posted it to the web.

Animated by the acclaimed anime studio MADHOUSE and featuring an original funk song by Shoji Meguro, the video has a decidedly disco feel and is a broad departure from the usual dark and brooding tone of the series.

Diehard fans of the Persona series that are put off by this opening movie can breath easily - outside of this video, the game looks to closely follow the spirit of its predecessors.

Struttin’ its stuff

Persona 4: The Golden is a remake of the 2008 PlayStation 2 game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.

The upcoming PS Vita release will feature remastered graphics, a new soundtrack by Shoji Meguro, additional voiced dialog, new personas, and new animated full-motion videos, in addition to several other enhancements.

Persona 4: The Golden is set to release in Japan on June 14 and will come to North America this fall.

No European release date has been provided.

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