App Army Assemble: Perchang: Black - More of the same?

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App Army Assemble: Perchang: Black - More of the same?
| Perchang: Black

Okay, so Perchang: Black isn't a whole new game - it's merely an expansion pack (or DLC as you kids like to call it) for Perchang, that gorgeous puzzler which launched back in June.

If the App Store description is anything to go by, these dark new levels seem to focus on gravity. Well, most particularly on denying it.

And the new levels are a ton of fun according to our updated review. We said: "Perchang: Black is an impressive addition to an already fun smartly-designed puzzler."

We also let our hardened bunch of experts in the App Army loose on it. Here's what they had to say.

Tom Clark

This is an excellent puzzler with great graphics and music. The instructions are pretty clear and the controls are easy to master. It's a must buy if you're into puzzlers.

Kainen Ryan

I love this. It looks and plays very well. It's simple at first but gets more challenging the further you go. I think this will be a keeper.

Aaron Burdett

I instantly fell in love with this. The stylish art style, zen soundtrack, and neatly designed puzzles combined to create one of my favourite puzzlers in a long time.

It's easy to pick up, hard to master, and absolutely worth checking out.

Oksana Ryan

This had my full attention from the very beginning. The blend of flipper, fans, and see-saw mechanics provide give a solid challenge, and leave you wondering what they're going to do next.

The music suits the theme of the game and the graphics are simplistic but sharp. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes a puzzle challenge.

Ethan Harold

This is quite challenging, and it makes you want to keep trying to beat your best time over and over. It's a good game, with great mechanics as well.

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