Pathfinder Shardfall is an upcoming interactive audio experience for iOS and Android

Pathfinder Shardfall is an upcoming interactive audio experience for iOS and Android

Wanderword, a company dedicated to crafting interactive audio entertainment, has announced its latest endeavour, Pathfinder Shardfall. It sees Wanderword teaming up with Paizo, one of the world's foremost hobby game publishers since its inception in 2002.

As mentioned, Pathfinder Shardfall will be an interactive audio-driven game that looks to immerse you with sound. Your journey will begin in your base of operations, which happens to be in the heart of a dangerous archipelago. From here, you will explore its numerous uncharted islands to investigate a magical phenomenon that is taking place.

Multiple groups are looking to harness this power, including the pirate clan, the Shackles. The magical powers could shift the balance completely. So you need to decide the best course of action, whether that's eliminating it entirely or exploring your own nefarious path by harnessing its abilities for yourself.

It won't be an easy task and certainly not something you can overcome on your own. So, throughout the game, you will recruit old and new faces to your crew before sailing through the waters that are often occupied by opposing factions. Once back on land, it's time to explore islands that have remained untouched for years in search of treasures and the previously mentioned magical powers.

Wanderword has said it will announce more details about the game soon. In the meantime, the team has previously released Tales of Sasha and The Bard's Tale on iOS and Android, so if you're interested in learning what their audio-based experience is like, you can check those out today.

Pathfinder Shardfall will release on the App Store and Google Play this summer. There is currently no specific release date nor any word on price. Of course, we will update you as and when we learn more.

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