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Paragon Pioneers, a new fantasy city-builder idle game combo, launches onto Android with iOS planned later this month

Paragon Pioneers, a new fantasy city-builder idle game combo, launches onto Android with iOS planned later this month
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Paragon Pioneers is a brand-new city-builder wrapped in idle game mechanics from solo developer Tobias Tenbusch. It features resource management, town-building, population management, and even a little bit of conquest and conquering to be done.

Idle games are a dime-a-dozen by now, with one launching nearly every day recently. What you don’t see from them too often lately though is, for one, development is done by a single indie dev. Tie this in with the fact that Tobias chose to make this a fully premium title, meaning absolutely zero of those intrusive in-game ads or in-app purchases, and you’re already winning some points in my book.

Paragon Pioneers is also interesting in the fact that, while it is an idle game at heart, it’s also quite a complex city-builder that will require you to build complex supply chains to keep your people fed and happy as well as to maintain a healthy influx of resources. This is not as simple as placing a building and letting it work, but instead will involve connecting one building to another to another and so on to get a line of supplies steadily coming in. So there’s already some strategy required to be as efficient as possible.

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Combine that base mechanic with some intricate town management and a constant expansion mindset that will see you clearing up fog over a world map as your town steadily grows larger and larger, and this becomes a very satisfying game just to watch. But the fun part is, you don’t necessarily have to watch it all that often, as all of your structures and inhabitants will stay active while you’re away from the app, allowing you to keep growing your town as you go about your day while having to check in every so often.

Paragon Pioneers seems to understand what exactly makes idle games so appealing while also having enough depth to keep city-builder fans engaged. This makes it the perfect match for audiences of either crowd, so if you’re one of them, I’d recommend giving it a go on Google Play for $3.99. The iOS version is planned for launch on the 23rd of this month, so stay tuned for that as well!

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