Namco looks to Facebook Connect, avatar customisation and high score competition with iOS release Pac-Mangames

Pac-Man with Friends?

Namco looks to Facebook Connect, avatar customisation and high score competition with iOS release Pac-Mangames
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Namco Bandai Games' latest release combines competitive gaming with arcade gaming as seamlessly as it links the iOS to Facebook.

Pac-Mangames delivers a suite of six classic arcade titles (the S versions of Pac-Man, Galaga, DigDug, Rally-X, Gator Panic and Pac-Chain) with updated controls designed to optimise the touchscreen experience.

Round and round

For those who feel classic arcade games are no longer a fresh challenge, Pac-Mangames dispenses with the concept of finite lives.

Instead it offers a timed Score Attack mode, which encourages players to shoot for the highest possible score as time ticks down.

It also allows players to purchase in-game boost items and enhancements for in-game coins. With a thousand play coins, you could speed Pac-Man up or slow the ghosts down for a single play session to achieve a high score, for example.

And should the simple drag-and-flick controls leave a player frustrated, many games offer alternatives (such as an on-screen D-pad) to accommodate players of virtually any style or ability.

Pac-Man outfits

To help flesh out the content - and in a nod to Nintendo's Miis - Pac-Mangames also allows players to use the coins (and trophies) they get for playing to personalise their avatars and avatar rooms.

There are over 200 items of clothing and over 500 interior items available. As well as buying these, some are unlocked as you successfully complete in-game achievements.

Once an avatar and its room are sufficiently furnished, you can invite a friend over to tour your room and marvel at your Namco Bandai themed furnishings. The Pac-Man bed is not to be missed

With friends

There is one element of confusion in the game's description, however. It doesn't allow for crossplay between Facebook and iOS devices.

Rather, the game manages your score ranking via the application and allows you to post your scores to your wall, view the scores of your Facebook friends, or view all high scores in a game by Facebook username.

Of course, you can still play the games without linking to your Facebook account, but to get the most out of the leaderboards, you'd need to connect up. Thankfully, the app doesn't spam your wall with constant posts and trophy updates.

If you're not keen, though, it also uses Game Center so you can get some social activity there.

Priced at $2.99, €2.39 or £1.99, Pac-Mangames is a universal app.