CES 2010: Nokia announces Ovi Maps Racing for Ovi Store

Ever wanted to race around your own neighbourhood?

CES 2010: Nokia announces Ovi Maps Racing for Ovi Store
| Ovi Maps Racing

At the CES show going on right now in glitzy (or tacky, depending on your viewpoint) Las Vegas, Nokia has announced details of its new location-based racer for Ovi Store.

Ovi Maps Racing utilises - wait for it - Ovi Maps to form the tracks you'll be racing your little cars around.

The racing itself is a top down, zoomed out affair reminiscent of the classic Micro Machines. Only instead of racing around your own breakfast table, you're racing around your own neighbourhood.

While your phone's GPS function will track down where you live and allow you to tear around well-known streets, it'll also let you do the same for anywhere in the world. That's a lot of tracks.

Nokia has had location-based gaming in its sights for some time now, and Ovi Maps Racing could be the first major fruit of the company's ambitions.

Indeed, the prototype for Ovi Maps Racing reared its head last April. Then known as Nokia Maps Racing, it was intended for the now defunct N-Gage gaming service. It's good to see that Nokia has kept the faith with this promising concept.

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