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OneMan is an intense beat 'em up with a sense of humour for iOS and Android

"But he's just one man!"

OneMan is an intense beat 'em up with a sense of humour for iOS and Android
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OneMan is a fast and fun brawler in the vein of titles like Hordes of Enemies and One Finger Death Punch. It's described as being "edgy yet straightforward", mixing a random sense of humour with some comically OTT action. With a simple control scheme and low barrier for entry, all you really need to excel here is the ability to react quickly to the rapidly-approaching enemy hordes.

The game comes to us from solo developer Francis Entereso, who is responsible for OneMan's "programming, art, design, animation, storyline, soundtrack, voice overs, video production, website, and all marketing materials".

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Beneath the surface lies a few systems that add extra depth for more skilled players to discover. For example, you'll be able to enter a 'Berserk' state after achieving a rapid succession of taps. Special buttons will appear on the edges of your screen that, when tapped, grant you invincibility for 3 seconds and allow you to beat up as many thugs as humanly possible in the allotted time.

Every playable character also has their own 'Super' skin and animations. This variant can be triggered when you achieve a score of 1000. It's a neat feature that acts as a special reward for those skilled enough to hit such a huge number.

A large update is planned to launch in February that will tweak some of the existing mechanics and add more in-game rewards. The biggest draw, though, is definitely the incoming post-launch characters. There are currently 3 new fighters in the works, presumably all with their own 'Super' skins and animations.

OneMan is currently available as a free-to-play title with ads and IAPs from both the App Store and Google Play. It's worth checking out if you're a fan of fast-paced beat 'em ups, like the aforementioned One Finger Death Punch.

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