10 years of feeding candy to a green monster; Om Nom is 10 years old

10 years of feeding candy to a green monster; Om Nom is 10 years old
| Om Nom: Run

Om Nom, for those of you who don’t know, is the name of the adorable, toothy little green monster that is featured in Cut the Rope and many other games and spin-offs. Cut the Rope is a physics-based game that was released 10 years ago, a game currently sitting at over 1.6 billion downloads - meaning that Om Nom is definitely on the map! The game itself is simple in concept, players are meant to cut dangling ropes that sometimes have candy attached, helping Om Nom feed their sweet tooth.

When this game was launched, everyone loved the cute character. Fans wanted to know more about the bright monster. Why did they love candy? How old were they? What are their hobbies? Om Nom soon had their own short cartoon series, leading to the creation of Om Nom stories. These stories are basically TV shows, showing the life of this monster. From cooking to building tree houses, Om Nom gets up to a whole lot.

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The interesting thing about these stories is that there are no words - Om Nom’s character is entirely defined through their actions, so people always understand what is going on. Each Om Nom episode has him performing simple, relatable activities, which makes them perfect for children to associate themselves with. There is also a focus on bravery, patience, kindness, and helping others, which are positive traits for kids to see.

In the last 10 years, we have also seen merch, books, toys and more come from this little adorable monster. Om Nom has also stayed in the games space too, creating spin-offs from Cut The Rope, from ones including magic to time travel. Om Nom has had their own games, naturally, including Om Nom: Merge and Om Nom: Run - which plays as it sounds. The monster is planning on conditioning making waves in the games and media space, bringing joy and happiness to mobile devices and screens everywhere! Happy birthday Om Nom!

Jupiter Hadley
Jupiter Hadley
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