Okami follow-up Okamiden revealed for DS

Time to wash out your celestial brush

Okami follow-up Okamiden revealed for DS

It's unusual for a game of such surreal, beautiful style as Okami to have been released in the west while our Japanese gaming cousins are still waiting for it to arrive on their Wiis (due this October, apparently).

But we've all been waiting what seems like an eternity for a new instalment of the gorgeous looking artistic spirit wolf's adventures. Finally, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed that the DS will be the recipient of the next Okami game, tentatively titled Okamiden.

Whether this will be a remake, a sequel or a spin-off is unclear at the moment, though several experts with the celestial brush suspect that this won't be a straight DS port, as the locations shown in a magazine article don't seem to match anything from the original PlayStation 2 and Wii game.

Hopefully something more will be revealed at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show. Watch this space.