Turn-based combat, sci-fi plot and lots of mecha upgrades provided in Offworld

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Turn-based combat, sci-fi plot and lots of mecha upgrades provided in Offworld
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Publisher 6waves is on a big game buying spree at the moment.

It's been offering developers up to $100,000 in marketing cost if they let it publish their iOS and Android games.

And that's exactly what San Francisco start up Shiny Shoe Games has done with its debut release Offworld.

Planetary travel

It's an interesting-looking game that has you customising a squad of mechas for turn-based combat, in which you have to match your weaponry and your available energy - plus tapping on a golf-style power gauge.

Sure, it isn't anything we haven't seen before in terms of the gameplay, but the sci-fi bounty hunter plot has potential and the artwork is appealing too. Of course, this being a free-to-play game, you can pay to get your upgrades quicker.

Personally, though, I'm keen to play a bit more to see whether Shiny Shoe's claim that it 'values games that require the player to make interesting decisions, where outcomes aren't certain, and where the player's skills determine success or failure' is fulfilled.

For the record, the company's founders previously worked at console studio Nihilistic, so it should have plenty of experience in that area.

Offworld is available now for iOS devices and coming to Android soon.

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