Tune into LaunchPad #5 for an exclusive Playdigious game reveal alongside Android gameplay for Northgard

Tune into LaunchPad #5 for an exclusive Playdigious game reveal alongside Android gameplay for Northgard
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You might already be aware that our digital event, LaunchPad #5, is taking place on 12-13th August. For those who aren't familiar, it will boast plenty of reveals, trailers and gameplay for a variety of mobile games. While it's not until next week, we've got a few items to tease ahead of time to whet appetites for the streams themselves. Today, we've got two pieces of Playdigious news to share with you.

Playdigious are an indie games developer that is well-known for releasing excellent games on mobile. Their previous efforts include Dead Cells, Dungeon of the Endless and The Almost Gone. During our streams – which you can catch at 5-7 pm BST on 12th and 13th August – we will be unveiling their next game.

That's right! A new game to enjoy on mobile courtesy of Playdigious is on its way. We can't say much right now – you'll have to tune into the stream to find out all the details – but given the publisher's history, it's definitely something to look forward to.

But that's not all. In addition to this new, exclusive reveal, we'll also be showcasing some Android gameplay of the delightful strategy title Northgard for the first time. The game is set to release on Google Play on August 24th, so swing by the stream to see if it's for you.

If you're unfamiliar with Northgard, it's a Viking-themed strategy game that sees you playing as the leader of a clan looking to find riches in the titular land of Northgard. It's a place filled with dangers, so you'll need to manage your resources carefully to ensure your clan survives the harsh winters, undead warriors and dire wolves. Sergio Velasquez reviewed the iOS version of the game for us and had a great time with it.

Northgard is available to pre-order now over on Google Play ahead of its release on August 24th. It will be a premium title that costs $8.99. Meanwhile, you can already grab Northgard from the App Store for $8.99.

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