Northgard's latest update allows players to test their skills against other people in multiplayer

Northgard's latest update allows players to test their skills against other people in multiplayer
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Following the announcement two weeks ago, Playdigious has added multiplayer to their iOS and Android ports of the strategy game, Northgard. Players can now test their tactical nous against others in three different game modes. They include:

  • Duel – A simple 1v1 set-up to determine who is the best in a head-to-dead
  • Teamplay – A more cooperative approach that supports either 2v2, 3v3 or 2v2v2 matches
  • Free for All – Up to six players will do battle to determine a winner
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Regardless of which game mode you choose, you will wade into battle after selecting one of the 12 different clans that are available. There are also five win conditions to pursue, allowing for a wide array of tactics. You could look to emerge victorious in battle, trade your way to victory or even chase favours from the Gods.

Of course, if you're not interested in multiplayer, Northgard still has plenty to offer fans of singleplayer strategy games. It sees you leading a Viking into the unexplored titular land of Northgard. A locale that promises great riches but is also home to plenty of danger with dire wolves and undead warriors roaming around.

You will need to establish a settlement and assign different jobs to its populace, such as farmer, warrior, and sailor. Though the aim is to expand your territory, it's also important to manage resources as the winters in Northgard are known for being particularly perilous. Playdigious has also released several pieces of DLC since the game launched, which introduce new Clans, each with its own specialities.

Northgard is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It is a premium game that costs $8.99 with additional in-app purchases to unlock the various pieces of DLC.

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