Noodle Souperstar, BattleBrew Productions' cooking game, will feature in Launchpad #5

Noodle Souperstar, BattleBrew Productions' cooking game, will feature in Launchpad #5

We're back with our ongoing daily reminders that LaunchPad #5 takes place on 12th and 13th August. That's next week! So far, we've discussed Playdigious' involvement alongside taking a quick look at the beautiful Behind the Frame. Today, we'll discuss BattleBrew Productions' food-based game, Noodle Souperstar.

Noodle Souperstar is a cooking game where you'll run a restaurant and prepare a variety of noodle dishes with the help of your bunny friends. To begin with, you'll simply learn the basics of running a ramen shop throughout the single-player campaign before testing your culinary skills against other players in multiplayer food battles. Then, when you're not engaged in a hotly contested cook-off, you can also customise and decorate your shop to make it feel like your own.

Noodle Souperstar sports a lovely aesthetic with stylised food that looks absolutely delicious, even though it's not photorealistic. Your bunny sou-chefs, meanwhile, are adorable. I can't wait to watch them scurry about each stage, gathering ingredients for the next dish. You can catch a glimpse of the game's art style through the screenshots in this article.

It is a completely different prospect compared to their previous game, BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner, which you might be familiar with if you're subscribed to Apple Arcade. Blasting barrels out of the sky and dodging obstacles has been switched out for slicing vegetables. But the cute bunnies remain, which is the most important thing.

So, if you would like to learn more about Noodle Souperstar, make sure you tune into our LaunchPad streams on 12th and 13th August next week. Of course, that won't be all we're showing. Alongside this lovely looking cooking game, we'll also be featuring other unannounced games alongside updates to existing, well-known titles.

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