Sponsored item: Say 'Guten Tag' to Ninjatown's German Wee Ninja

The Ninja invasion continues

Sponsored item: Say 'Guten Tag' to Ninjatown's German Wee Ninja
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It's that time again. All this week we've been bringing you a 'Euro Ninja' every day to celebrate the launch of Ninjatown, the critically acclaimed DS game featuring Wee Ninjas. First it was an English Wee Ninja, then it was a French Wee Ninja, and today it's a ninja from everybody's favourite European country: Germany.

German Wee Ninja is never late - especially when it comes to 'bring your own bratwurst' night at the local beer hall. With a bushy beard used for holding up the Velcro straps on his lederhosen, German Wee Ninja can be heard shouting his motto, "Es gibt ein shuriken in mein sauerkraut!" from the pool side every morning at 5AM.

Only joking. In fact, German Wee Ninja is "very organised, he is extremely excited about the weekend, and can sort out wee devils with no problem."

His Motto is: "Guten Tag! Would you like to sample my award-winning NinjawurstTM?"

With a motto like that, it's pretty clear that German Wee Ninja has plenty of NinjawurstTM to go around.

Rob Hearn
Rob Hearn
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