Sponsored item: Meet Ninjatown's French Wee Ninja

Say bonjour to the first of our Euro neighbours

Sponsored item: Meet Ninjatown's French Wee Ninja
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Cute ninjas are the latest big thing on DS thanks to the newly released Ninjatown. Never will your handheld have been so overrun with such an addictive blend of drop dead cute and brain taxing strategy.

To celebrate the game's release, its makers have released a specially designed series of 'Euro Ninjas'. Yesterday we had English Wee Ninja, today it's the turn of our beloved French cousins to be ninja-fied.

French Wee Ninja is a pretty laid back kind of Ninja, loves his garlicky food, and, of course, the ladies!

His Motto: "Bonjour Mon Cherie….care for a glass of finely-aged grape juice?"

That should obviously be read in your best Rene from 'Allo 'Allo! accent.

Tomorrow we'll be meeting the firey Spanish Wee Ninja so click back then to check out the little fella.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
Kath gave up a job working with animals five years ago to join the world of video game journalism, which now sees her running our DS section. With so many male work colleagues, many have asked if she notices any difference.