Sponsored item: Meet Ninjatown's Spanish Wee Ninja

Another ninja pops in to say hola

Sponsored item: Meet Ninjatown's Spanish Wee Ninja
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If you haven't heard of new DS game Ninjatown yet, you might want to pop over and read our review. Ninjatown is the hottest tower defence game on DS, not to mention the cutest.

To celebrate the game's release across Europe, its makers have released a specially designed series of 'Euro Ninjas'. Yesterday we had French Wee Ninja, today it's the turn of the fiery Spanish.

Spanish Wee Ninja is the local hero, loves the bullring and all the excitement it brings, but is happiest with a nice big bowl of fresh Paella!

His Motto: "Ola my friends! It's time for my siesta…."

He's the cutest matador we've ever seen.

Tomorrow it's time to meet German Wee Ninja. What are the chances lederhosen and big sausages are going to mentioned at some point?

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
Kath gave up a job working with animals five years ago to join the world of video game journalism, which now sees her running our DS section. With so many male work colleagues, many have asked if she notices any difference.