Sponsored item: Mamma mia! It's Italian Wee Ninja

Another of our European neighbours gets the Ninjatown treatment

Sponsored item: Mamma mia! It's Italian Wee Ninja
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Just over a week ago Ninjatown was unleashed on DS. A strategy game with a difference, Ninjatown has you fighting evil using the power of very cute ninjas. Cute but deadly of course, with each one armed with their own unique combat skill.

To mark the event of its release across Europe, Ninjatown's makers have designed a range of 'Euro Ninjas'. We've been introducing you to a new one almost every day since, and today it's the turn of Italian Wee Ninja.

Italian Wee Ninja likes nothing better than to zip around on his scooter waving and beeping at passers by.

His Motto: "Mamma Mia! That's a spicy wasabi tofu pizza!"

Of course, your typical Italian does a bit more than ride his scooter and stuff pizza all day. He's probably busy with his Mafia duties and is partial to the plate of spaghetti, too.

We jest of course.

Tomorrow it's our final Euro Ninja, Australian Wee Ninja. We're not sure exactly when the Aussies joined Europe but since they have to put up with our royal family too we suppose they've earned the right to be included.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
Kath gave up a job working with animals five years ago to join the world of video game journalism, which now sees her running our DS section. With so many male work colleagues, many have asked if she notices any difference.